What Is API in Simplest Form❓🤷

What Is API in Simplest Form❓🤷

What is API ❓, it stands for application programming interface, as Wikipedia says "its connection between two computers or computer programs" which is absolutely correct but not feasible to understand as a beginner.

So let me explain to you in simple language with an example 💁,

Suppose you want to build a service that detects the information of weather forecast 🌦️. Now how will you get this weather data? Ether you can do a physical installation 🛠️ of sensors all over the world that detects the weather info (which can make a deep hole in your pocket 🤑)

or the second thing you can do is you can ask for data from the people who have already installed these sensors in the world like AccuWeather.

By the way, I also have a short video on this topic on my YT Channel. So you can also check it out;


So to provide this data 🗄️, AccuWeather will give you a small script (basically some lines of code) that you have to add to your code file which will give you the usability access to the codes written by AccuWeather to convert this data from hardware sensors into the form of text and link, so this is basically API.👈

Also, You can say it as a contract between two entities, one is a provider who provides the data and the other one is a receiver who uses the data.

Sometimes these APIs are free 🆓 to use sometimes you have to pay 🧾 for them. And most of the time this data is transmitted in a technical language called JSON or JQuery, but nowadays mostly JSON.

And If you are thinking that's how Ola and Uber run their business, by using the Google Maps API from Google, then you are correct.

And that's basically API. Let me know in the comments did you get it or not and if you do then Like this small effort to show you're ❤️ and share it with your friends and family because

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